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Dangerous Chinese LED Strip Lights

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    February 15, 2023 10:55 PM EST

    Dangerous Chinese LED Strip Lights

    In first half of 2015, 23 LED strip lights made in China were notified as dangerous products on the EU RAPEX alert system, according to a report by China Quality News Network (CNQ).To get more news about led neon rope light, you can visit official website.

    The number of LED strip lights reported by the EU alert system tripled in 2015 compared to 2014, revealed the Chinese media affiliated with China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ).

    Several trends observed in LED strip light recalls during first half of 2015 include the addition of three more European countries submitting reports to the alert system including Slovakia, Lithuania, Italy, UK, Slovenia, Spain, and France compared to the same period in 2014. During first half of 2015, Slovakia had reported 12 Chinese LED strip lights to the EU alert system, amounting to 52.17% of reported cases. Last year, Slovakia had not reported any cases.

    Most of the dangerous products submitted to the alert system were had electric shock or potential fire hazards, among these 19 of the dangerous LED strip lights submitted to the alert system did not comply with electric shock standards, which was about 82.6% of the products. One product was vulnerable to fire hazards, and three products did not comply with both electric shock and fire hazard standards.

    Another two Chinese LED products were included in last week’s EU RAPEX weekly listings, including a LED lamp that was reported in France over electric shock hazards.
    Most Chinese manufacturers did not have a thorough understanding of EU and member states LED safety standards, and the large number of reported products failed to keep up with the latest safety standards, analyzed CNQ. Some manufacturers lacked product testing awareness, and did not closely monitor the production process. Additionally, most manufacturers in the LED strip light industry tend to be small companies, and their products have slower transition phases. Low price competitions have also become more evident in the LED strip light industry. Some manufacturers have very lax product inspection processes that are less stringent than independent test labs, such as those approved by AQSIQ. Others might even cut corners in the production process to save costs.

    AQSIQ recommended Chinese LED manufacturers need to ensure their products meet EU LED strip light safety standards EN60598, and to test their prototypes at an independent test lab before mass producing their products. Companies should have their products safety certified at independent test labs, and establish stringent LED component quality and volume test standards to ensure their products meet regulations.

    Viewed on a larger scale, Chinese LED products are just the tip of the giant iceberg of product recalls. China has topped the country of origin in the alert system in 2014, according to statistics compiled by the EU. Made in China products amounted to 64% of total number of notifications on dangerous products in the EU in 2014. As a global manufacturing power house, it is probably no surprise that Chinese products are topping the lists for most recalls, but it also reflects manufacturers need to take heed of latest changes in safety standards.