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Free DIY Jewelry Box Plans

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    April 27, 2023 2:09 AM EDT

    Free DIY Jewelry Box Plans

    Boxes to store pieces of jewelry come in varying shapes and sizes. The designs for these boxes are almost unlimited; anybody can create something unique for their project.Get more news about Handmade Wooden Jewelry Box ,you can vist our website!

    There are so many free plans on the internet to help DIY lovers kick-start their creativity, giving them ideas they can explore. Woodworkers can also use the plans to make their jewelry boxes.

    The good thing with jewelry boxes is that they can serve so many other purposes aside from keeping your priced jewelry.

    For example, jewelry boxes can be used as gift boxes or photo boxes, depending on their size and shape. The possibilities are endless, and you shouldn’t limit yourself to a few uses only.

    This guide contains some of the top designs we’ve found, including the skill level required, time, and material. You’ll also find a link to their detailed free plans to explore.

    Most of these plans only need a few tools, while others are complex, requiring more than a few diverse materials.
    Free DIY Jewelry Box Plans
    This guide requires basic woodworking knowledge to complete any of the plans. Here are some of the most exciting plans we’ve found.
    1. Simple Maple and Walnut Jewelry Box
    There’s hardly a better way to start this list than with a simple design to set the mood. So here is a simple jewelry box in a traditional rectangular shape.

    The box is made from maple and walnut wood, with the walnut wood layered inside and on the box.

    This project would take an hour or two to complete with the right tools. However, the blend of the two wood types with varying designs and colors creates a satisfying contrast in this jewelry box.
    2. Nifty Rectangular Jewelry Box
    Following the traditional jewelry box shape, this fantastic design has an added style and a classy lock.

    The woodworker will require plywoods, hinges, and hasp, paint, and stain of their choice, and soft interior cloth, among the woodworking tools.The materials to make this design are easy to find and‌ can even be sourced from leftover materials in your workshop. Using leftover materials can reduce your cost considerably.

    3. Multiple Layers Box
    Here, we’re moving away from simple designs for this jewelry box design to more sophisticated plans. The design involves multiple drawers housing different compartments for your jewelry.

    The different sections help you arrange your jewelry in style, model, price, and occasion. In addition, you’ll need an anti-scratch bottom to reduce friction and prevent the box from leaving drag marks on your table.

    The finishing on this multiple-drawer design is beautiful, leaving a shiny glow. You’ll need quality wood with finishing that can leave contrasting looks to make the drawers stand out from the rest of the board.
    4. Impressive Walnut Jewelry Box
    If you’re looking for something unique, here is a design that will blow your mind. The walnut jewelry box converts a large walnut into an intriguing box to keep jewelry.

    The box can only carry a few pieces of jewelry at a time since it is difficult to find an extra large walnut to use. It is perfect for giving as a gift, preferably with a unique piece of jewelry inside.