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    April 27, 2023 2:48 AM EDT


    It’s no secret I am obsessed with the Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Eyeshadow palette. I picked it up the very SECOND it dropped last year and have been heavily using it in my everyday makeup routine ever since. It also earned a coveted spot on my list of Best Makeup Products of 2019 as the year’s ultimate eyeshadow palette.Get more news about customized cosmetic puff,you can vist our website!

    And so it goes without saying that when Tati announced the next Tati Beauty product would be dropping on January 10th, I cleared my calendar to be available to order whatever she was releasing next. A million ideas were racing through my mind. Would she delve into foundation already? Lipstick? Concealer? I couldn’t wait to find out.

    Then, she announced she was dropping the Tati Beauty Blendiful puff and it was admittedly anti-climatic to me.

    Oh sure, I was still right there purchasing it the moment it became available…but I didn’t go into this product with the same gusto I did the eyeshadow palette. A puff that Tati said was like none other? I was skeptical it would be a game-changer in how I go about applying makeup and questioned whether it was a bit gimmicky. Then again, I’ve trusted Tati’s opinion for years and if she said it was good I was darn well going to give it a go!
    If you’re questioning what the puff even is, don’t worry. I too was confused and I think a lot of others were too. It’s something we don’t see everyday but Tati described it as an all-in-one makeup tool that you can use to apply a full face of makeup without worry of harsh lines.
    TWO PUFFS FOR $18:
    Inside your package you’ll find both a large and mini puff that you can use for applying your everyday makeup. The large one seemed to be the one you’d use the most based off Tati’s original video and the imagery on the website – with the mini puff as sister product for touchups on the go or applying more detailed product.

    While I was admittedly kind of confused, I was definitely intrigued and eager to test out the Tati Beauty Blendiful puff to be able to share a full review with you on how well it works. Could it truly be a “game changer”? I had to find out – especially given how much I love the eyeshadow palette and trust Tati’s opinion.
    If you’re wondering how the heck to use the Tati Beauty Blendiful puff, don’t worry. I was somewhat confused too. I’ve of course used powder puffs before but never anything quite like this for applying foundation and a full makeup routine. Tati’s video on the puff also didn’t really give a lot of instruction so I was flying a bit blind. But, I threw caution to the wind and went about applying my makeup the same way I would with a brush.

    I set out to use the puff in virtually EVERY step of my makeup routine to see where it would perform best. I applied foundation to the back of my hand and then buffed into the skin. I set with powder by blotting that in. For blush and bronzer, I folded the puff to create small surface area and also buffed that onto the skin.

    While doing a full face of makeup, I pretty much used up one full side of the puff…almost going corner to corner at each step.

    Meh. Of all my skepticism, I was most unsure of the puff’s ability to apply liquid foundation. And well — the Tati Beauty Blendiful puff definitely won’t be replacing my favorite buffing brush.

    Yes, it does manage to get the job done – but that’s not without more work on your part and even more product. Probably the biggest drawback of using the puff for foundation was I noticed that it minimized the amount of coverage that I would normally get when applying with a brush.

    To make determine if it was a foundation thing as a whole or dependent on specific products, I used the puff with a variety of foundations. I tested it out with the NARS Longwear Foundation, Maybelline’s Dream Urban Cover and Lancome’s Teint Idole. Across the board I continued to notice the same thing.

    Yes, the puff does manage to blend the foundation out nicely but I consistently needed to use more foundation than normal to end up with less coverage. That was disappointing!