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discounts using the code 'Qanon'

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    November 25, 2021 2:10 AM EST

    Mike Lindell's MyPillow offering discounts using the code 'Qanon'

    A day after attracting headlines for a White House in which he reportedly offered suggestions for how President Trump can hold onto power, Mike Lindell's Chaska-based company was offering discounts for its bedroom products using the promo code "Qanon."To get more news about Sears Promo Codes,Buy Now

    Bring Me The News checked the site and found that "Qanon" was indeed an active coupon code as of 6:45 p.m. Saturday, and entering it at the checkout did activate MyPillow's price cuts.The code came to the attention of former Minnesota GOP deputy chair Michael Brodkorb, who posted about it on Twitter, and further investigation by QAnonAnonymous podcaster Julian Feeld found that "Q" is also a working promo code, as is the Qanon-related term "storm."

    It should be noted that there are many words that serve as promo codes for the site, which is unsurprising given that discounts are a huge part of MyPillow's marketing strategy. Words that successfully activate the same discounts as "Qanon" include "Minnesota," "Lindell," "Apple," "Sale," "Dog," and "Free."

    But BMTN tried multiple other words and phrases that did not activate the discount.

    Qanon promotes the false and extreme narrative that claims a shadowy cabal of Satanic pedophiles is running a global child sex trafficking ring and are plotting against President Donald Trump, with the movement led by an anonymous individual known only as "Q" who is apparently battling the "deep state" from within.The conspiracy cult has grown in prominence in recent years and some of its believers were among those involved in the insurrection attempt at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

    Lindell, who has said he is considering a run for Minnesota governor, was already in the headlines this weekend after he attended a brief meeting with President Trump Friday. Before the meeting, a Washington Post photographer captured an image of the notes Lindell was bringing into the White House.